Pricing varies and is structured by tier levels based on fleet size

Full Service Marketing & Capacity Provider

Marketing/Advertising/Media Administration

  • Creative (we create based on your approval)
  • Advertisement Placement
  • Advertisement Payment

Vetted & Qualified Lead Generation and Capture

Automated Lead/Applicant Repository

Immediate contact/response

  • Verbal
  • Email
  • Text

*Remove First Advantage Pain

  • Candidate Review
  • Candidate Qualification
  • Candidate Follow-up
  • Candidate re-engagement

Candidate delivery for background check

  • Fees structured on a monthly contract

Other Items Included:

  • Electronic Document Management for all driver related forms
  • Secure Database log-in(s) for you/your team
  • Programming established for re-marketing to your passive candidates
  • Monthly updates to your operations overview
  • Assigned Account Consultant

Basic Service Marketing & Capacity Portfolio


  • Marketing/Advertising/Media Administration
  • Ad Placement & Payment
  • Vetted/Qualified Lead Generation & Capture
  • Automated Lead/Applicant Repository

Ancillary Services


  • Safety DQ, Training, and Maintenance File Management
  • Training and Consultation
  • Web Development Assistance

PPH (Pay Per Hire)


  • Application Generation
  • Prospect, Qualify, Present contact for hire