JDR Solutions works directly for YOU. JDR Solutions assigns a dedicated Account Manager/Recruiter directly to your company for a direct point of contact – for you and your applicants. We maintain daily and consistent communication with you and First Advantage throughout the recruitment and application lifecycle. Through the use of industry-leading and technologically advanced integration of programmatic and geo-targeting marketing platforms, traffic is driven directly to CDL candidates.

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Brand & EVP (Employer Value Proposition)


By being the direct extension of your fleet, we help answer, engage and follow-up all questions candidates have as well as the questions they didn’t realize they had.

Your brand and your EVP are what separates you from others and the competition. Larger corporations are not the only ones that are brand-driven and this is one of the key cornerstones that we provide to our clients.

WE identify passionately as YOU……..Not THEM or THEY

  • Product knowledge and “Pain Removal” are the keys to successful recruiting and sales
  • This also removes “buyer’s remorse”

Media Creative Services


  • We design a content strategy based on “specificity” that leverages YOUR brand and optimizes your media purchase ROI
  • We create a demographically targeted and branded landing page with your company information
  • Market driven “key word” and digital SEO optimization
  • Identify your best market channels based on your specific geography and demographics……remove the “one size fits all”

Reporting & Analytics

  • Reporting
    We use customized and individual fleet reports centered on a sophisticated approach to understand your business and to recommend efficient action plans. Together we can’t solve problems we don’t understand. We deploy reporting/analytics tools that are most compatible with your fleet to gain actionable insights.

    • Total advertising/marketing lead/application results by source…….by week/month/year
    • Total leads by source/total hires by source… week/month/year
    • Cost per lead/cost per hire… week/month/year
    • Custom reports designed to fit your needs
  • Analytics
    • We provide up to date market trend insights from both the freight market and the capacity markets
    • We provide demographic information for all applications/leads

Lead Generation & Capture


By working with only small fleets and intimately knowing each fleet’s operations, we are able to generate continuous higher quality lead flow. All leads are digitized electronically within an advanced ATS (applicant tracking system) platform.

  • Each lead is formatted with specific notes, details, “tags” and status/stage
  • Each lead is structured for both immediate contact, follow-up re-engagement and long-term re-marketing